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A $75.00 bench test fee will be applied to all orders even if the ecm is deeemed not repairable.

ECM Engine Computer Shipping Confirmation
You will receive an e-mail notification or phone response when your replacement ecu ships. You may receive multiple shipping confirmation e-mails if items in your rebuilt ecm order ship at different times. For orders with a delivery inside the United States, the shipping notification will include information on how to track your ECM order.

ECM ECU Tracking
For ECM orders with delivery inside the United States, an "order tracking link" and tracking number will be included in your shipping confirmation e-mail so that you may track the status of your order at any time. computer
Changes to engine, ecm orders and Personal Information
We will do our best to accommodate changes to orders or personal information. However, we process orders quickly and cannot guarantee that your request will be fulfilled. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience, and we hope that in the majority of cases, our faster processing works to your advantage. We are not responsible for the shipping and handling fees incurred for items that havebeen mis-ordered. Some orders can be delayed and may not ship for up to two weeks depending on part availability. Understand there will be shipping charges unless our salesman offers free shipping. Shipping charges can be up to 100.00 USD depending on your location. Normally shipping will never exceed 50.00 USD

Shared E-mail Accounts
The ECM order and shipping confirmation e-mails will contain information about the individual items in your ECM order.
We accept payment via credit card, check, electronic check or money order. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. Please note that the billing party on your credit card statement will appear as Ecm Outlet.
If we are unable to process your credit card, please check to ensure you entered the correct card number and expiration date, and that the billing name and address you entered match your credit card statement exactly.
To pay by check or money order, please follow the instructions found in the shopping cart. Please note that you first must fill out the address information page.

Although we make every attempt to have items in stock, occasionally we may list inventory that our affiliates stock. We specialize in locating rare and hard to find engine computers. ECMs that are not in stock will be shipped directly to you from our affiliates. If this is the case then the shipment of your Enginc Computer may exceed the 5-7 business day shipping time frame.
Please Note: If your order includes in-stock and pre-order/ecm items, your order will be held until all items are in stock. You will receive an e-mail notification when your order has shipped. We ship to all 50 US states (including Military APO/FPO addresses and P.O. Boxes*).

Order Processing
The order process begins as soon as your online purchase is completed. Your item will be processed once your credit card is approved and the shipping address is verified. Most orders will be processed within 24-48 hours after the order is placed (if placed by 1:00 PM Eastern time). After your order leaves our warehouse, delivery times vary according to the location of your shipping address. Please note that business days are Monday-Friday, excluding U.S. holidays.

Order Tracking
An "order tracking link" and tracking number will be included in your shipping confirmation email so that you may track the status of your order at any time.


Return Policy
We guarantee 100% satisfaction. However, if you are unsatisfied with an item that you have purchased, you may return the item for an exchange only within 7 days of your purchase date. And you must bring the vehicle with the ecm to our shop and give us the opportunity to fix the problem first. Otherwise we will not issue any refunds or exchanges. We do not offer refunds. Exchanges only! We only offer exchanges.
To return an unwanted product for a used replacement, please send the unopened item( If you tried to program or install our engine computer then there will be no exchanges) within 7 days from the date of shipment. Item(s) must be returned in new condition, in originalengine boxes (whenever possible), and with all paperwork, parts, and accessories to ensurefull credit for exchange. Before we offer a refund you will need a dealer to validate your claim. If they test the ecm and it doesn't operate as expected then we will provide another rebuilt or used engine computer. Original shipping and handling and return postage charges will not be refunded. If we repair your ecm understand that we charge a $75.00 bench test fee no matter what. Even if your ecm isnt repairable we still charge a $75.00 bench test fee. Not all computers can be repaired so there is never a guarantee. We replace electronic components: Transformers, crystals, diodes, capacitors, drivers, coils, conductors, transistors rectifiers and resistors. But we do not necessarily replace all of these components. Only what appears to be defective or are tested as bad or faulty and in some cases we replace parts that cannot be tested just to be safe. But when dealing with computers and circuit boards you must understand that there is no guarantee that your ecm will be repaired even after replacing all defective parts.. Rebuilt And Recycled Auto Computer (ECM) Return Policy

We do not sell brand new engine computers

Here at Ecm Outlet we will do our best to make certain that you are completely satisfied with our engine computers. Although, before doing business with us please understand that we do not sell brand new ecm's. If you want a new ecm then your only option will be a local automotive dealership. For example if your vehicle is a lexus then to buy a new ecm you will have to visit the parts department at your nearest Lexus dealership. New auto computers are very expensive and can cost over $2000.00. Your car or truck doesn't necessarily require a new ecm from a dealer, any good ecm will work as long as the part number (OEM Number) is the same as your part number. The OEM number is located on the top or bottom of the unit. We will need this number in order to make sure you receive the correct computer. If you don't have the part number then we cannot assist you. You will need the oem part number of your defective ecm before ordering a replacement. Our goal at Ecm Outlet is to fix your ecm engine computer for a fraction of what your local dealer will charge. Everyday we save our customers up to 75% off dealers list price.

Ecm replacement warranty

All of our electronic control units are sold with a 36 month warranty. This warranty is an unconditional replacement warranty. What this means is that if your computer fails then we will either replace it (with no more than 2 computers) or repair it at no cost to you. We do not offer cash refunds on ecm's. Exchanges and repair services only. If your vehicle ecu requires reprogramming as many auto computers do, it is the buyers responsibility to find out what programming is required and it is the buyers responsibility to make the necessary arrangements to have the computer programmed. If you purchase an ecm from us but during installation you realize it needs to be programmed, you will have to either call a locksmith or have the vehicle serviced by a mechanic or dealership that has the proper equipment to program your ecm. You will not be refunded because your ecm requires programming. We do not program or flash computers or update software. In most cases, to reprogram a used ecm, the ecm will have to be installed in the vehicle and it will require dc current to execute programming and flashing. In some cases such as Lexus, Mercedes and BMW a new key may have to be issued in order for the ecm to recognize the transponder or resistance of the key. Please do your homework and make sure you know whether or not your ecm requires programming. When purchasing an auto computer from Ecm Outlet you may receive either a used or rebuilt engine computer. A rebuilt engine computer will be the preferred choice but will not be guaranteed. If a rebuilt ecm isnt available then a used, good working engine computer will be substituted and the same warranty will apply. If for some reason your ecm is not in stock we will try and locate a replacement from one of our supplier stores. And in some cases the ecm will shipped from a different location. All of our ecm's are used and rebuilt. We do not sell brand new ecms. Ecm Outlet does not offer cash refunds on electronics including engine computers. All engine ecm's are sold "as is" NO RETURNS EXCHANGES ONLY. NO CASH REFUNDS!

Defective merchandise will be exchanged if returned within 14 days from the date of shipment. Refunds will not be issued for defective merchandise.
No refunds on ECU's unless the unit is defective. Exchanges only.
Also, a $75.00 bench test fee will be applied to all orders even if the ecm is deeemed not repairable. Please do not send your ecm in for repair unless you understand our return policy.





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