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Buy and repair Galant ECM engine computers: Used rebuilt and remanufactured. They all come with a 5 year warranty. When you buy your Mitsubishi computer we ship it UPS ground the next business day. We have been repairing and rebuilding ECM and ECU computers for over ten years so most of our business is referred by other satisfied customers. Order a Galant ECU online 24 hours a day 7 days a week or call us if you have any ECM questions regarding your Galant purchase. Select your mitsubishi oem part number from the list below to purchase your part. Make sure you have the OEM part number off of your old ECM. If you do not have this number contact your Mitsubishi dealer and they will provide it. We also sell Galant replacement parts. Scroll down the page to view our replacement parts catalog.

Locate your Galant ecm part number then click the link to order your ecu. If you choose to send us an email make sure you include your mitsubishi OEM part number. We need this number to provide you with an exact price.



 Mitsubishi Galant ECM engine computers 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 ECU

MD172575  LS  2.0L $265.00

 MD172575  S  2.0L $265.00

 MD172576  ES  2.0L $265.00

 MD172576  LS  2.0L $265.00

 MD172576  S $265.00

Galant ECU 1994. Choose your OEM part number to order

MD304089  ES  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00 $265.00

 MD304089  GS  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00 $265.00

 MD304089  LS  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00 $265.00

 MD304089  S  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00 $265.00

 MD304189  ES  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00 $265.00

 MD304189  GS  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00 $265.00

 MD304189  LS  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00 $265.00

 MD304189  S  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00 $265.00

Galant ECM 1995 $265.00

 MD304089  ES  L4-2351cc  2.4L  4G64 $265.00

 MD304089  LS  L4-2351cc  2.4L  4G64 $265.00

 MD304089  S  L4-2351cc  2.4L  4G64 $265.00

 MD311125  ES  L4-2351cc  2.4L  4G64 $265.00

 MD311125  LS  L4-2351cc  2.4L  4G64 $265.00

 MD311125  S  L4-2351cc  2.4L  4G64 $265.00

ECM Galant 1996 $265.00

 MD320471  ES  L4-2351cc  2.4L  4G64 $265.00

 MD320471  LS  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00

 MD320471  S  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00

 MD320472  ES  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00

 MD320472  LS  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00

 MD320472  S  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00

Galant ECM ECU 1997 $265.00

 MD337584  DE  L4-2351cc  2.4L  4G64 $265.00

 MD337584  ES  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00
 MD337584  LS  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00
 MD337585  DE  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00
 MD337585  ES  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00
 MD337585  LS  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00

Galant ECM 1998 $265.00

MD346077  DE  L4-2351cc  2.4L  4G64 $265.00
 MD346077  ES  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00
 MD346077  LS  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00
 MD346673  DE  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00
 MD346673  ES  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00
 MD346673  LS  L4-2351cc  2.4L $265.00

Galant ECU 1999 2000 2001



Buy a used or rebuilt ECM and save up to 50 percent off the Mitsubishi list price. All of our Galant ecm engine computers are OEM modules. The ECM's are the same engine computers that you would buy from Mitsubishi. We buy and sell Galant ecu auto computers.


  Galant parts: ECM and ECU, head lamps, lights, tail lights, mirrors, and other body parts.



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